Oct. 17th, 2010

Bang 'em

Oct. 17th, 2010 10:30 pm
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A spontaneous post on a pre-stormy Sunday night.

Tweeps can probably tell from my tweetspamming, but... yeah, I am now a Big Bang fan. A FAN. XD (of course it helped a lot that more than a couple of tweeps are fanning the flames *high-fives @sinisterteacher, @dilangmatalas and @joanneraissa* THANK YOU, LAYDEEZ. Keep at it!)

I like their sound. And can you say "PRO"? That they are. WATCH THIS:

Credit: www.gd-supporters.com
Re-upload by: starloverfyi@YT

Now I have a couple of wishes for Christmas.

Ohno singing the melody of a song G-Dragon composed & arranged, as he also raps.
(and this is out of nowhere, but Donghae joining them somewhere in the middle for a dance battle).
And, Big Bang squaring off against Arashi in Mannequin 5. Yep. 

Sho vs Taeyang (for an abs-fest, LOL. That's what they called it!)
Aiba vs Daesung (the two comics going at it in a laugh-fest)
Nino vs TOP (the imp's loooong scarves vs the clothing-maximalist)
Jun vs G-Dragon (wahahaha. No contest. Sorry, Hime.)
Ohno vs Seungri (I've been told the youngest in BB still has not developed a sense for fashion, so against Ohno it is. Because I want my Prince to win.)

I was actually thinking Sho vs TOP would be good, because TOP's 'modesty' would coincide well with Sho's penchant for double-everything, but the thought of an abs-fest pretty much helped me make my mind up.

OK, I'll sleep now, with a beat in my head. 


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