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Oct. 17th, 2010 10:30 pm
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A spontaneous post on a pre-stormy Sunday night.

Tweeps can probably tell from my tweetspamming, but... yeah, I am now a Big Bang fan. A FAN. XD (of course it helped a lot that more than a couple of tweeps are fanning the flames *high-fives @sinisterteacher, @dilangmatalas and @joanneraissa* THANK YOU, LAYDEEZ. Keep at it!)

I like their sound. And can you say "PRO"? That they are. WATCH THIS:

Re-upload by: starloverfyi@YT

Now I have a couple of wishes for Christmas.

Ohno singing the melody of a song G-Dragon composed & arranged, as he also raps.
(and this is out of nowhere, but Donghae joining them somewhere in the middle for a dance battle).
And, Big Bang squaring off against Arashi in Mannequin 5. Yep. 

Sho vs Taeyang (for an abs-fest, LOL. That's what they called it!)
Aiba vs Daesung (the two comics going at it in a laugh-fest)
Nino vs TOP (the imp's loooong scarves vs the clothing-maximalist)
Jun vs G-Dragon (wahahaha. No contest. Sorry, Hime.)
Ohno vs Seungri (I've been told the youngest in BB still has not developed a sense for fashion, so against Ohno it is. Because I want my Prince to win.)

I was actually thinking Sho vs TOP would be good, because TOP's 'modesty' would coincide well with Sho's penchant for double-everything, but the thought of an abs-fest pretty much helped me make my mind up.

OK, I'll sleep now, with a beat in my head. 
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*waves vigorously* Hiiiii~!!!! How are youuuuuu~!!?!?

Me? Oh, same-old, same-old. Second term started more than a week ago. Regular 8 to 5 work week, then Monday thru Thursday, grad school classes from 5.30 to 9.30. Classmates went for 2 or 3 subjects this term, but I stupidly took all 4 classes (maximum for each term), and now I am regretting it for the time it sucks out of my already time-challenged life, but the main reason I took all 4? TO SAVE UP ON GRAD SCHOOL's MISCELLANEOUS FEES.

*Nino smirk*

See, there are 36 units in all, I am done with the max 12 from the first term, and now I am getting another 12. If things go all right (not "WELL", because this can NEVER go WELL), I'd take the remaining 12 during the third term and be done with the whole thing in a year. Now if I take lower than the max, say 6 or 9 units (roughly 3-4 subjects, coz 1 subject = 3 units), I'd end up having to go at it for more than 3 terms. Which means, I'd pay more times in other school fees.... 

...The accountant in me would call it COST-BENEFIT ANALYSIS and identifying RELEVANT COSTS so I can have COST SAVINGS.
...The fangirl in me would call it SAVING FOR THE RAINBOW-RAINY DAY.

But that's not really what this post about. XDD 

I saw a couple of peeps do something like this. [ profile] aatash called it "TOP 10 MEN I WANNA DO/DATE"; [ profile] all4cyanide called it "TOP 10 MEN I WANNA SLEEP WITH".

Well, see.... I doubt much sleeping would be done *guffaws* and I think I've a few "kids" who make the mistake of 'watching' this DEAD LJ, so I'll... try to keep it relatively wholesome. (When I do decide to be unwholesome, hey, that's what filters are for!)

IMPORTANT: This list - or some of it - relatively changes from time to time, but FOR THE MOMENT, THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE.

Almost-perfect 10 )

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How is everybody?

Interrupting your regular programming (read: LJ free of my interference) and MY regular programming (read: stay away from LJ coz I don't want to be scenery-spoiled. It arrived at work over the weekend, yep) to bring you something that almost - ALMOST - broke my heart.

I had a dream last night. This is one JE dream that gave me mixed feelings. And there wasn't even a single JE person in there.

tell me, how did you get here, Ariadne? i mean, Jhing? )
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I fail at keeping up with the comments, sorry, luvlees. School's relatively fine... so far. At least I'd like to believe it is. It's all a matter of perception anyway.

But first, 2 lovely people were born so close to each other. Dates on a calendar-wise.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEE~!!!'re probably the one person who can break my inbox. LMAO. Every single time, after reading any of your mass e-mails, I find myself taking a deeeeeeep breath, as if exhausted. But with a grin on my face. :) One of the most hardworking peeps in fandom I've come across, for who else would have the dedication to maintain that list, and be brave enough to gather subbers together in one unit (and spam us senseless, but that's not really a bad thing, believe me.) STAY DE-DEE-CATED!!! 



Sorry for my JLC pokes (I like him, too, I just like to rib you. XDD). For my shabby works that I pass on to you. For instigating this whole Grandma thing.

....wait, does this make you 88 years old now????? XDD  WUB YOU, GRANDMA~ Come swing by Philippines soon!! 2PM will be meeting you!!!

30-Day Arashi Challenge
day 22 - Favorite HnA Moment

these questions... ugh. )
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Korean group U-KISS appeared in an entertainment talk show on the telly, with the studio audience shown screaming and flailing.

Ma-dear: Ay apo ti Pilipino, basta foreigner, agpukka-pukkaw. (Oh, Filipinos... as long as it's a foreigner, they keep screaming.)
Me: Hmmm... Naguguwapo ti SuJu. (Hmmm... SuJu is more good-looking.)
Ma-dear: Naguguwapo ladta a ni Ohno. Ken Arashi. (Ohno is still much more good-looking. And Arashi.)

....Wonder no more where I got my "fixation" tendencies. LMAO.

30-day Arashi Challenge
day 21 - A picture of your Arashi Stuff



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