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So... no one's owned up to the gift certificate yet.

I was thinking... If you recently sent a gift certificate meant for someone else, I suggest you double back and check. You might've sent it to the wrong person, meaning me. LOL. I feel kinda uncomfortable using a GC without knowing who it's from.... Call me crazy.


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IT'S FOR REAL, GUYS!!! TRICK OR TREATIN', I mean. Coz it's the eve of the Feast of All Saints!!!

*looks at icon* What this ep lacks (Sakuraiba) it makes up for with...Ohchan actually saying something through the whole duration.


1. GO HERE AND THANK EN-SENSEI for (a) translating this, (b) translating this waaay before October 31st, in time for Halloween, (c) translating this before Miura Haruma on TFPII *yay* and (d) for overall being the awesome En-sensei that she is!!!! .......SERIOUSLY! GO!

2. No ONLINE streaming. You guys are awesome, right? You upload this online, I'll make sure to send ghosts and ghouls after you. And no, not the Arashi kind. No softsubs, either, sorry. This is just the first half of HnA Ep 21, the haunted hospital clip. Won't sub the whole episode; others would do it anyway. :)

3. Just for giggles, take this quiz. But not until you see how soft-of-heart I am. I'd like to know how you did.

Your result for How Long Would you Survive in a Horror Film?...


62% chance of survival!

This character is usually female, tall, dark haired, and virginal. The heroine is never a part of the scene with the requisite horror movie nudity, and she uses her wits to defeat the monster/killer in the end, though, of course, he never really dies. She is the person that will undoubtedly last through the whole movie, because she is probably the first character introduced and the only one with unabashedly perfect moral values and in immense force of will. However, if brought back in a sequel her acquired knowledge of said villain may get her killed (See: The Horror Aficionado).


Take How Long Would you Survive in a Horror Film? at HelloQuizzy

And damn...I was planning to do a Supernatural rerun marathon over the weekend toooooo!!!!

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EDIT: ....dogggone it. LJ wonked and ate the image i posted....!!! GRRRR!!!!

scan credit to [profile] yuckie_chan  

There's a 'hariken' going on. ehehhe...No work, spent the whole day burning my files to discs to clear my HD. Yay. And I just finished torrenting the first ep of Hot Shots...with Jerry Yan! Oh. And Wu Chun.



Jul. 20th, 2008 11:01 pm
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My mom's gone off the deep end.

I was going about my business surfing the net a couple of hours ago when my Mom spoke.

Ma: "Jhing, would you change my phone's wallpaper, please?"

Me: "Sure. Where's your cable?"

Ma: "I don't know where I put it. And I don't know where to look for it."

Me: "Then I shall use your phone's cam to take a pic. What would you like?" (My brain already jumping forward to that flower on the vase, or our pup lounging at her feet, or my nephew making gooey eyes...)

Ma: Ohno.

I blinked.

Seriously?! Apparently, she is. So I took out the Dream A Live photobook and took a good clear shot of Ohno's close up. My mom was grinning ear to ear when I handed her phone back, with Ohno's face on it.

She's crazy, I tell ya. I don't even have a smidgen of Arashi on my phone. I'm still using up all my Smeagol/Gollum images. Cheese and rice!

Just so this post won't be entirely dull. A couple of quizzes.

Just watched Koizora (film). I'm still settling down. It's already 11.14 at night, and I really have to be at the office by 7.45 tomorrow morning, so I really need to sleep, but my download of Yasuko to Kenji is just about done so....

Hell. Imma watch.


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