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I KNOW I'M LATE. ONLINE, punctuality was never my strongest suit, but here goes....


I can't draw as amazingly as you do, I can't translate as well as you do... (will Elvish count, though? But even in that, I suck, so...) Hope you had a great day on the day you turned a year older and wiser.


Ok... hardly the next Origins film I had hoped for, but this sounds promising.

Forgive me, but as much as he had shown he could do so so so much more, I still get horrid (and hilarious) flashbacks of him in Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place.

This wolf ain't howlin'... )


Laugh all you want.... )

...gawd. There's a storm in my country right now. Literal storm. I hope it lets up on Saturday so I can go spelunking. I missed it two weekends ago. I'm not about to miss it this time!
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Pimp first.

I'm totally stealing Haru's cap, and I feel absolutely no remorse.

Aki-san like, translated this EVEN BEFORE the raws were posted on LJ, even before any of us at the Team downloaded the raw.....and Haru wrestled with FIVE versions of the raws to find which would be the best one.

Oh, and an HQ version is coming out in a couple of days. Ain't life grand???????

DOWNLOAD HERE. Join first if you haven't already....and MF links at Aibakaland. (Goodness, even our uploader saragnayan is FAST!!)


So my throat kinda itches that every now and again I'd try to cough, or clear my throat, and this older guy colleague of mine - way across the room - imitates me. Every single time. I'm torn between irritation and amusement. I wanna pull at his hair 'cept for the fact that there isn't much of it left, and that's a battle I know I'm gonna lose. And painfully, too.

Last night was a lull. I got home and felt lazy. SHOCK. I settled down beside my nephew who had a marathon of Stomp the Yard, Jump In and Dirty Dancing. AND THEN Ponyo on a Cliff. It's a school night, but I'm a supportive one, so. And as for Dirty Dancing, he was already nodding off by the time the groin- and loin-fest begun. And...he was completely gone when Ponyo. See how supportive I am?

I heard Nobuta wo Produce will be aired in my country. Dubbed in Tagalog, of course.

Heaven help us.

This is indeed, the Year of the Cow. )
* * * * *

I'm a hardsubs addict, so I patiently await the hardsubs for Mei-chan and Voice before watching them. Perhaps, Love Shuffle, too? Then again, of course Moriah had to get on my case and insisted I watch Akai Ito with softsubs. She caught me at one of my weakest.

Uta no Oniisan 1 - I try not to put spoilers )
* * * * *

Akai Ito 4 )
*breathes again*

Damn. I was meaning to write about East of Eden, complete with caps, then I realized I was writing up an entire SUMMARY OF IT! WITH CAPS!!! And...and....I'm finished writing it up til Episode 5 and I thought to myself, 'this is stupid, why on earth am I doing this?'

I'm not sure that post is ever gonna see the light of day.


I got it. It's sooooooo pretty!!! (My mom wants it. I am sooo not a good daughter.)
And I only gave you a lameass card.
And the reason I didn't friend you was I recall you saying you don't update your LJ much....*sniff* So...yeah....Sorry.....Will rectify that now.
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I just browsed through it but boyohboy, Toma on Potato Feb09 made my nose bleed.

They call these updates. I call it bulletpoints. )And for kicks.

She looks like Sho...not. )
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It's a Monday out here, I have the blasted colds, and my head's throbbing like crazy (again) but I have to make a post.

One. They don't call him Pambansang Kamao for nothing... )

Two. A Life Cut Short... )

MA-AN!!!! HERE IT IS!!!!!

Japan TV really REALLY loves me!!!!!!!!!! )
I'll take this opportunity to make this my happy post for today. Happiness Day 1, THAT meme.

I'm happy that....
... Manny made us proud (and that his wife Jinkee did not go into labor from seeing her husband punch dela Hoya to a pulp. I exaggerated.)
... a lovely young man has gone home to his Maker after living a short, but sweet and hopefully full life.
... Japan TV loves me to pieces....
... I will see Ohno again in a drama!!!!!!!! YES!!!
... I got back my voice, after losing it for a day. (yeah. my usual bout of colds....)
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Technically, summer has been over in my country since...well...mid-May? When the rains and storms started coming in.

But in Japan. Summertime starts July! Which means Ohno season (oh you must be tired hearing this from me over and over and over......). Concert season (ahh...most of my STORMY teammates are meeting as we speak in the Land of the Rising Sun, and surely they're having a ball.....). New dramas season ( [profile] twistedhalo04is so psyched! lolz) which includes Ohno *sigh*, Toma, YamaPi...and now Tacchon. Now all we need is ONE DRAMA with ALL FOUR of them TOGETHER. I swear many would die swooning.

Meanwhile, to tide me over before MAOU starts....y'know, in between timing for a multitude of HanaKimi specials and dying between Hiro and Toma sightings...i resurrect pretty quick.

And! Speaking of Lee Jun-ki....I realized how out-of-the-loop I am when it comes to local Philippine TV. 

And yet another.....Kim Sam-Soon ain't spared.....


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