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Jul. 20th, 2009 09:34 am
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It's exactly 9.40 am on the 20th of July on my side of the world, so....


Hope you'd still be able to sneak in a bit of birthday fun despite your busy work schedule.


This last weekend was the scheduled fumigation of our entire office building so unless we wanted to be 'exposed', they suspended any sort of overtime work. YAAY.

And so i was finally able to watch HP. It was still raining, but.

My memory's really rusty now.... )
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Time for cheek-pinching.


You might be a year older, not necessarily wiser (it's your prerogative, but who said the wise has more fun???), and I know I tease you quite a lot, (yes, even when your back is turned) but you know I adore you, and you'd always, ALWAYS be little-girl Sara-chan to me.

That was a long 'argument', so just suck it up.  



Who's seen THE PROPOSAL?

How did Ohno say he'd propose again? Fuzzy memory, mine is. )

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I KNOW I'M LATE. ONLINE, punctuality was never my strongest suit, but here goes....


I can't draw as amazingly as you do, I can't translate as well as you do... (will Elvish count, though? But even in that, I suck, so...) Hope you had a great day on the day you turned a year older and wiser.


Ok... hardly the next Origins film I had hoped for, but this sounds promising.

Forgive me, but as much as he had shown he could do so so so much more, I still get horrid (and hilarious) flashbacks of him in Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place.

This wolf ain't howlin'... )


Laugh all you want.... )

...gawd. There's a storm in my country right now. Literal storm. I hope it lets up on Saturday so I can go spelunking. I missed it two weekends ago. I'm not about to miss it this time!
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Ran across this article on Yahoo! today. Why Can't James Bond Catch Jason Bourne?

I am of the Pierce-Brosnan-as-Bond generation. Only caught a few Sean Connery-Roger Moore Bond films in between. Couldn't say I cared much. But I am aware of the culture that the franchise stood for. And what it called for. And what it cultivates. A suave spy (who isn't really a spy cause he flaunts who he is, right?) with the swanky tools, unruffle-able hair, no-crease suits, high-tech tools and scantily-clad women. 'Shaken, not stirred' is how he likes it, right?

To say I didn't enjoy the films, though, would be hypocritical of me. These kinds of films, you don't need a high IQ or even exert a lot of effort in thinking just to understand it. Just...go along with the ride. The fact that it objectify women does not even annoy me because COME ON. This is filmmaking, and if it rakes in the money, I can't blame the filmmakers. Hell, if I didn't like it, I'd turn away and not even watch a minute of it. I may not like some parts of it, or some implications of the film, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't enjoy it, right? (And I am one to talk against Bond films objectifying women; aren't I doing the same with my men? *chuckles*)

I saw Quantum of Solace last week and I've been seeing mixed reviews. Some wanted more sex. Some liked it for the minimal sex. Others enjoyed the action. Some thought it wasn't enough. What did I think?

Everything should change with the times. Agree? )

Now on to the other (and better) JB. ...No, not me. But Jason Bourne.

Jason Bourne is one of my favorite characters from a book. While I don't really think much of Robert Ludlum's writing or prose, I think he tells good stories, at least those that grip you. He does espionage better than anyone I've read so far.

I've read Ludlum's Bourne trilogy, and I thought everything should've stopped with The Bourne Ultimatum, the third one. But no, some guy Eric van Lustbader had to pick it up and wrote more Bournes (I've only read his Bourne Legacy. I'm still wondering if I should read his Bourne Sanction and Bourne Betrayal. *sigh* I don't mean to put Lustbader down so low, because I kinda enjoyed his Ninja series, but. I'm just saying Bourne is better left to Ludlum.

Why I prefer Jason over James...or any other spy...OMG. Jack Bauer is JB too!!! )
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Sorry for posting so soon yet again.

Better late than never.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NICOLE!!!!! Keep that halo twisted, a'ight!!!

And also to  [profile] litany_shHAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope I get to know you more!!!!

I love it when there are birthdays. It means I'm not the only one undergoing the aging process. Ahem.

Today (Sunday) was pretty much...a full day. After church, accompanied my mom to buy some presents to send to my grandma, then went off to buy some jackets and sweats for my nephew (he's rendering me broke), brought them to this new resto and stuffed myself with pasta. Then met with my BFF Sheryll after lunch so we can watch THE MUMMY 3 together, but it turns out she hasn't had lunch yet, so we went to Kitaro's. She CANNOT eat by herself, so I stuffed myself with the house special kani salad and some ebi sushi. Watched the movie and she kept insisting I dig into her chocolate stash. Got out around 7pm, she has some craving for Italian ice cream so we went to Fiorgelato's while listening to this jazz band perform their set. Had banana split with ice cream of three flavors: Menta, Fragola and Pistacchio. 

I had to insist we walk it off for a good half an hour before heading home. I'm so full. I looked at the banana split and went, "THIS IS SO SINFUL." Good thing it tasted go~od.

Ok. Babble, babble, babble. Forgive me.

On to the other purpose of this entry.

Something to think and ponder on....totally lifted from [profile] anteka


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