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*waves vigorously* Hiiiii~!!!! How are youuuuuu~!!?!?

Me? Oh, same-old, same-old. Second term started more than a week ago. Regular 8 to 5 work week, then Monday thru Thursday, grad school classes from 5.30 to 9.30. Classmates went for 2 or 3 subjects this term, but I stupidly took all 4 classes (maximum for each term), and now I am regretting it for the time it sucks out of my already time-challenged life, but the main reason I took all 4? TO SAVE UP ON GRAD SCHOOL's MISCELLANEOUS FEES.

*Nino smirk*

See, there are 36 units in all, I am done with the max 12 from the first term, and now I am getting another 12. If things go all right (not "WELL", because this can NEVER go WELL), I'd take the remaining 12 during the third term and be done with the whole thing in a year. Now if I take lower than the max, say 6 or 9 units (roughly 3-4 subjects, coz 1 subject = 3 units), I'd end up having to go at it for more than 3 terms. Which means, I'd pay more times in other school fees.... 

...The accountant in me would call it COST-BENEFIT ANALYSIS and identifying RELEVANT COSTS so I can have COST SAVINGS.
...The fangirl in me would call it SAVING FOR THE RAINBOW-RAINY DAY.

But that's not really what this post about. XDD 

I saw a couple of peeps do something like this. [livejournal.com profile] aatash called it "TOP 10 MEN I WANNA DO/DATE"; [livejournal.com profile] all4cyanide called it "TOP 10 MEN I WANNA SLEEP WITH".

Well, see.... I doubt much sleeping would be done *guffaws* and I think I've a few "kids" who make the mistake of 'watching' this DEAD LJ, so I'll... try to keep it relatively wholesome. (When I do decide to be unwholesome, hey, that's what filters are for!)

IMPORTANT: This list - or some of it - relatively changes from time to time, but FOR THE MOMENT, THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE.

I actually created a spreadsheet for this, HONEST. Rated them according to "Face", "Body", "Talent", "Wit/Sense of Humor", "Sense of Style" and "Sex Appeal". What. If Imma get it on with someone, there is no better turn-on for me than someone who can make me laugh and think at the same time.

And I have to put in a couple of runners-up.
12. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers : Granted, I don't think I can (or even want to) finish The Tudors (not even Season 1), but have you heard this guy play music AND SING!? And then speak with that amazing Irish accent? Soooo dreamy.

11. Christian Bale : Voice. The voice. He can speak nonsense to me and I would still drown. This guy could very well rock my EQUILIBRIUM (I loved him in that film, put Neo to shame, I say.)

10. Daniel Matsunaga.

*giggles* [livejournal.com profile] twistedhalo04  and [livejournal.com profile] moonchild5 will surely find this truly amusing. And [livejournal.com profile] twistedhalo04 even got to see him in the flesh (literally, FLESH) and sat down and talked with him whilst I was stewing at home. Yeah. Life is good. *sigh*

Daniel is a Brazilian-Japanese model who got washed up (I don't mean that literally) to the Philippines and is now working here as a model and acting in bit parts on television. And takes his shirt off a lot. It was quite tricky Google-ing him on Google Images coz WHOA. SKIN. But he's got such an I'm-so-shy-but-I'll-make-you-melt smile, coupled with this halting English and even more halting Tagalog as he flashes those dimples and pearly-whites.... *sigh* Heart is one lucky gal. 

9. G-Dragon of BIG BANG

I am a sucker for SMILES. Seriously, I am. Especially if a dimple appears when they smile, I'm a goner. 

I am relatively new to Big Bang, but from the few I've seen so far, I am drawn to G-Dragon. I don't know how to translate this, but in Tagalog, we call it "MAY ANGAS". Like... FOR ME, he comes across as one who is kind of a badass (I think T.O.P. is, too, but not as much as I think G-D has), has the moves, AND THEN HE SMILES AND WINKS AND I.... JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT TO THINK ANYMORE.

Plus, I am really really curious to see him act. Has he acted before? Because I think he does act well in their MVs.

Plus, he has a mean growl.


*slinks off*

Oh, and he's also one of the veeeeery few Asians who can go platinum-blond and I WOULD STILL LIKE.


8. Johnny Depp

He's one of those few who can swim in grease and soak in black oil and I'd still find sexy. Plus the acting chops. What a chameleon. Never a dull moment with this guy, for sure!


7. Adam Garcia

One of my earlier crushes. I tend to forget him once in a while, but when someone asks, his name always always comes up. Them Aussie men are hot, don't you think so? I do.

I wish there are footages of him with Idina Menzel in WICKED. Know of any? 

6. Lee Donghae

Aaaaaahhhhhh~ My favorite "adjective and verb", DONGHAE. (Meaning, when I am at a loss for words, or I cannot find a word to describe anything, I use "Donghae". Works like a charm.

I saw him first on Full House, this quiet adorable guy with the initiative to bring an English dictionary, and asks the cashier at Starbucks to "please turn the lights off" then charms them into giving the two coffees FOR FREE. Then approaches a hulk of a big Western guy and challenges him to arm wrestling. Ah, so cute.

And THEN he dances. Talk about gap.

I know Eunhyuk is considered the dance machine and all, and I think he's awesome and adorable on his own, BUT! Donghae. Poetry in motion. I've no other phrase for it. 

Kinda reminded me of another space cadet who forgets to speak during variety shows but then comes "alive" when on a stage. And they also happen to be associated to FISHIES! LOL.


5. JGL

Oh, sorry, that's Joseph Gordon-Levitt to you.

I think, on the periphery, I watched this boy child actor grow up into the man-hotness that he is now. Whenever I say "Aaaand I'm back in the game!", I am actually channeling him. LOL! PLUS. Sense of humor, that is important.


4. Ian Somerhalder

So hot he sizzles. I am still frustrated there aren't any YOUNG AMERICANS eps for downloads that I can find on the net. Gawd, was that so long ago??? At the time, I watched a very young but already hot Ian romancing Katherine Moennig and thinking, as gorgeous as she is, Ian deserves way so much better. I was under the delusion that I would do. *bricks self* Ah, when you are young and gooey-eyed.

Of course we became Boone in LOST, then in Smallville? Not sure. BUT! As Damon in The Vampire Diaries, (sorry, Stefan fans) he sets my screen on fire.

I want to see him share a scene with Dean Winchester.


3. Ohno Satoshi

'Nuff said.

Because some things are tooooooo precious for words.


2. Jensen Ackles

Probably my most enduring crush (Ok, the other would be Josh Hartnett, by the way. XD)
He was the reason I thought genetically-engineered children are awesome. LOL.
And also the reason I hated James Cameron with a passion when Dark Angel ended prematurely. Then of course I realized it wasn't Jim's fault, so I hated the network instead.

Still his X5-494 Alec look, that hair... ah, I miss it. He's hot as Dean now, but... this Alec look is still my favorite.


1. Sakurai Sho

I think part of his charm is his dorkery. Dorkiness? Dorkability?

He makes fail sexy.

Again, 'nuff said.


*settles back and waits for lunchtime*

OH. EDIT. This is a list of those who I want to DATE, AND THEN DO.


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