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(I'm so bloody post-happy this November. Theories as to why? And this is going to be bloody long. And I'm gonna use the same bloody word before this entry ends. You've been bloody warned)

FIRST. Saw the preview for 24 Season 7. HOLY~~!!!! I am sooooo damn glad it's coming back, although Season 6 is my least favorite of the lot. I get to watch another of the longest days in Jack's life.  Seriously. I need a Machiavellian fix from someone other than myself. And Jack Bauer does it better. And a female president, huh. (Well, if you think about it, Obama isn't the first black American President; it's David Palmer. And this new one on 24 isn't the first female President, it's Caroline Reynolds on Prisonbreak, and she's made of 'dame'. Ohgod, I am getting my fandoms mixed up. What next, Jack Bauer rescuing a Japanese couple on a Nevada roadside and they happen to be after a tiara, and Jack would help them retrieve that tiara, using backdoors and even special favors from CTU?

I'm sick. But I'm excited! Yay for tick-tocks!!! (I mean, I read this: "Once more, 24  kicks off the new season with a four-episode explosion over two consecutive nights...') I'm one happy couch potato. It starts Nov 23 in the US, I'll download it on the 26th. It's my bday; not Ohno's.

NEXT: I received this on the email yesterday, and I conclude: I WAS BORN IN THE BLOODY WRONG COUNTRY.


So, how many of you would like to own a vehicle that Jensen has driven?  Unfortunately, Sam and Dean's Chevy is not for sale. ;)  But, JENSEN's 2004 Range Rover is!!
It's not the Impala, but. )


Drama talk.

So I picked up a couple of dramas to watch. Well, more than a couple, but yeah. (Seriously need to get started on Kiva, but that's one series where I opt to download more than a substantial amount and allot an entire weekend for watching. YES.)

Hana Kimi SP...where men in tutus are the funniest thing ever!  )

Seigi no Mikata...where I am glad I am an only child.... )

....Now on to the unfinished ones.

KO-ONE and X-FAMILY...bad idea trying to watch them at the same time...bad, bad, bad.... )
Miss No Good....lots of NGs (no goods)... )
....and an ongoing one.....

Bloody hell...!! It's Bloody good!!!! )


I'm downloading SARS Koizora the series ep5....I miss SARS 'products'. YAY.

And...I swear. I will start EAST OF EDEN. SOON. LIKE, THIS SATURDAY.

Randomly......just recently I watched House Bunny. (Don't ask) My favorite line???

"'Manhole'. I LOVE THAT WORD."
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...but it can't be helped. Since I love this guy so much too. :)

Superfly SUPERNATURAL Edition
(TV Guide Nov 10-16, 2008)
by Sandra Kofler

Hauntings are nothing new for fans of the CW's Supernatural. So when star Jensen Ackles burst into a lip sync-and-dance number to Survivor's fist-pumpin' "Eye of the Tiger" while filming the Ocotober 23 episode, was a ghoulish presence to blame? Try a foolish one.

"It was all Jared's fault!" says Ackles, blaming costar and known prankster Jared Padalecki.

"It was a prank pulled by Jared to see what Jensen would do," confirms director Phil Sgriccia. "The cue was for Jared's character, Sam, to come up and bang on the roof of the car to get Jensen out of his reverie, but Jared, prankster that he is, decided not to." When the cue didn't come, Ackles kept on grooving, jumping out of the car and onto the vehicle's roof to jam his way--air guitar and all--through the song's first minute.

"It just happened," he explains. "They kept [rolling], so I kept going." And thus, a Web star was born.

Supernatural fans saw the intended five-second version during the show, but the full-length clip was shown after the episode, then made its way to YouTube and beyond, garnering over 100,000 views in its first week. Some skeptics still don't buy the scene's spontaneity, citing Ackles' too-smooth moves. And though the actor can't explain his seamless choreoghaphy, Sgriccia is just glad it happened.

"It was a cool moment, and totally genuine," he says. "You don't get those a lot. I only thank the powers above I didn't yell 'Cut.'" So do we. (video can be found at cwtv.com)

BUT. Here's the video. And, just like Ohno, NO I WILL NOT PUT THIS UNDER A CUT.  (damn is this working? or I suck at embedding stuff....>)


aahhh...jensen...never lose the (smart)alec(k) in you.....*goes back to Ohno-ing*

EDIT: OMG. I FOUND AN UBER-HQ COPY!!! *loves the fandom* This is soooo gonna be in my iPOD! *off to convert* CONVERTED!!! HERE IN MU.
My Beautiful Days has just been shipped yesterday. I am patient. Very patient. I should be. Right? 


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