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So. What did I miss?

Aiba's drama? Yeah, yeah, yeah, heard that already...

LOL. NO. I did not just sound bored!

We'll be seeing green even more now... )
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Blue, blue, blue....


Need yet another retreat? :)


- Aki-san!!! GET WELL SOON!!!!!
- Haven't seen HP yet. Maybe this weekend? If this storm relents, that is.
- I just remembered. Who's seen "I Come With The Rain" yet? I'm waiting for it to be released here and IMDB dates it as released on 2008 and I'm like, "Whaaaaa????" KimuTaku, Shawn Yue, Lee Byung-hun, and my still-enduring crush Josh Hartnett (liked him since I saw him on this obscure flick "The Faculty"). I cannot NOT see it!

- So, except for the second, third and fourth line of this post, this entry can be summed up in one word.


Let my shallowness begin.... )
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First things first....


How do you feel? Wiser....? (Older....?)

.... WISER??

(Does the 49 in your username stand for your age? LOL)

And I started Tudors Ep1.

....intense. Very intense. Were the Don Juan de Marco and Casanova films ever THIS "revealing"?

For now..... (i know, i know, Arashi will be on Utaban today. Gah. I can't wait to see more Nakai-Ohno action!) but just so no one would say my life revolves around Arashi...... let's do this.

"DO YOU....MERLIN?" "Yeah, whatever."

These might be spoiler-ish...so are my comments, but I'll try to be vague. EMPHASIS ON "TRY".

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*buckles, and on my knees*

FORGIVE ME FOR THE SPAM, MY LUVLEES! But it's Aiba-month!!! And an early happy birthday to dearest Alli!!!!

This is the first of two Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen clips that En-sensei and I worked on. It has Aibakaness, animals, and senpai-kouhai love!!!

RULES (are you actually reading this?)

1. Go here to shower En-sensei with lotsa luv!!! And throw in AibaHugs for good measure. Aside If you wanna use her translation, ask her. If you wanna use my timed file, sorry. I deleted it. (I'm sure.)
2. DO NOT UPLOAD TO STREAMING SITES, OR TO ANY OTHER STORAGE SITES. Do NOT repost links elsewhere. Link back here. It's not locked, anyway.
3. This is NOT the full episode. En-sensei made the cuts of the episode herself, highlighting only the important ones. Meaning: Aiba.
4. For the JE-'virgins', I suggest you google Higashiyama. Lolz. It'll make for good research.
5. How's the holidays treating you? (Right, not really a rule, but.)


Rule Number One in Dating Aiba: STAY AWAY FROM ZOOS )
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Chronology would dictate I should've posted this last night, but ohmygod, I slept.

So...Day 4.

... My grandma came, and YES! We were able to cajole her into staying with us until after Christmas!!!! It was really hard, since she's so attached to her house (which is like, two and a half - rocky & winding - hours away) I can spoil her, yay!

... You know those chocolate lollipops? Well, the lady who makes them (home-made) came by at work yesterday and YES! She has mint-chocos! So I bought an entire box, DELIBERATELY pretending I still don't have this blasted cough.

... I don't have to go overtime on a Saturday!!! (today) So I slept in late. It's by choice, this decision. I've been putting in crazy hours at work all weekends of October and November, so I figured I can skip this one. Which means....

... that I can go finish my Christmas shopping. Yeah. Not done yet. Haven't even sent some of the Christmas Cards yet. Bleh. So....consider it my New Year Card. lolz.

... THIS PREVIEW/VIDEO. Need I say more?

... and this one. I don't think I've enjoyed an HnA recently since they changed the format. Until now. And I made a capspam to celebrate it.

Yes, Riida. You're Number 1.....

...but you're still much too thin!!!!! )

*blissful sigh*

Capspams are so cathartic.


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