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I completely hijacked this mag from my friend She'.

So, under the guise of borrowing her mag, I scanned it. LOLZ! (she lurks here, so if I don't post for the next couple of weeks, it only means one thing. She committed murder. Mine.)

Will post scans of my own mag next time. For now, GRACIE, the Fahrenheit scans I promised. I hope you don't have them yet.

I figured I might as well post here, for anyone else who might want them.

Just. No editing of the scan credits, please. I'd prefer no reposting, let this be for your personal use only. Do not claim as your own. If you won't respect me as the one who scanned it, kindly respect that person I scanned it for. She's the one sharing.

Details: Top Idol magazine (Taiwan-stars-centric). Two RAR files. HUUUUUGE files, FORGIVE ME.

135MB. 22 pages scanned. Contains Fahrenheit spreads, Wu Chun, and Jiro features.

Download from Megaupload, password is celsius.

This next one was on a whim.

58MB. Contains 2 pages of Jiro and Aaron (which I forgot to put in the other zip file), 1 of Koike Teppei, 2 of Alan Luo and 4 of Mike He (fully-clothed, if I might add). Only one preview, though.

Download from Megaupload, password is huuge. So sorry about my error.....

Good night!!
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I figured I ought to start using the scanner (it's been gathering dust). I was scanning Fahrenheit last night for Gracey when I figured, I should just scan POTATO as well.

Has the Arashi articles been translated already and I just missed it? It'd be interesting to know fully what they're talking about instead of just understanding bits and pieces, because...ya noe, kanji is like (for me) rocket science. XDD Thank you in advance, En-sensei!!!!

Will lock this after two days, because I don't want headaches. So far, so good. (which explains the lack of pimping, lolz) Will lock this when there's a need to. I ask that no alterations be done, though, especially the scan credits.

And I gotta warn you, these are hugeass files. Haha! I scanned using 600dpi. (WHAT? It's been a while since I used the scanner! It's practically screaming with neglect!) Did some edits to put the file size down a bit but, they're still huge. Each page is about 5MB each.



I did my best with the poster, but i couldn't do a thing with the folds. It turns out that, apart from lack of Photoshop skills, I also lack magazine-care-basics. NOW I KNOW not to NOT CARE about pinups. XDDD

Download on MU. Archive password is nextdoor.
Download on MF. Download password is thatdoor.


I skipped the KAT-TUN, Eito, NEWS, HSJ parts. Well, if anyone would want those and they haven't been shared in their respective comms already, let me know.


Download on MU. Archive password is debut.
Download on MF. Password is gosolo.

TOMA ARTICLE TRANSLATED HERE. *shakes head* She's unstoppable. En-sensei is.


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