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Time for cheek-pinching.


You might be a year older, not necessarily wiser (it's your prerogative, but who said the wise has more fun???), and I know I tease you quite a lot, (yes, even when your back is turned) but you know I adore you, and you'd always, ALWAYS be little-girl Sara-chan to me.

That was a long 'argument', so just suck it up.  



Who's seen THE PROPOSAL?

How did Ohno say he'd propose again? Fuzzy memory, mine is. )

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I KNOW I'M LATE. ONLINE, punctuality was never my strongest suit, but here goes....


I can't draw as amazingly as you do, I can't translate as well as you do... (will Elvish count, though? But even in that, I suck, so...) Hope you had a great day on the day you turned a year older and wiser.


Ok... hardly the next Origins film I had hoped for, but this sounds promising.

Forgive me, but as much as he had shown he could do so so so much more, I still get horrid (and hilarious) flashbacks of him in Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place.

This wolf ain't howlin'... )


Laugh all you want.... )

...gawd. There's a storm in my country right now. Literal storm. I hope it lets up on Saturday so I can go spelunking. I missed it two weekends ago. I'm not about to miss it this time!
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I understand this might be a tad long but I decided to put it in one post. Bear with me.

A bit late, but some pimps.

Lots of MMAs coming out. Still the best Arashi variety, if I may say so. I sorely miss it.

From STORMY team sub, MMA 81, where Aiba wins at life, Sho was officially declared LOUSY, Captain got lots of birthday love from his members, and he just lambasted all the crybaby-kids they ever worked with on the show. YES. DOWNLOAD HERE but must join first.

*pats Sho-kun* The truth hurts, doesn't it? Don't worry, you're still lovely.

And a couple of MMA collabs with CK, [livejournal.com profile] yuckie_chan!!! I'm still in seventh heaven that she trusted me with these. Seriously. Arigatou gozaimasu. *bows*

MMA 104. Children's Dinner. Where Nino made me want to make my own pizza toast (I'll do that this Christmas, I promise), Sho did not disappoint, and Ohno was called a liar. DOWNLOAD HERE, but must join first.

*pats Sho-kun* I know you tried your best, and anyone who puts their heart, soul (and concentration) into cooking should - in theory - win. But Nino has the more skillful hands. Sorry.

MMA 107. Another Children's Dinner ep. Where Aiba's carrots are dry, and Ohno's lettuce are pure love. *cackles* And three geniuses share tips on what to do when a girl cries in front of them. (The last answer's pure genius.) DOWNLOAD HERE, but must join first.

*pats Sho-kun* Apologizing is good and gentlemanly, but I dare you to do it Ohno's way. I dare you.


So I slept in this morning, and when I woke up, I read Silvia saying BNS released Nakai's appearance on 5LDK and I was like, "WHAAAT!!! THEY WERE WORKING ON IT TOO!?!?!?!" Then I went to the page and saw it was the one I helped out on. *giggles*

See how excited I was about that project? I did not even bother finding out what team it would be under. Like, I thought it would be some subteam focused on 5LDK. So it was a pleasant surprise. When I found out Nakai was on 5LDK, with Joushima (me and my thing for Leaders) I went straight to Sarah and begged (on my virtual knees) to be made to do anything. ANYTHING!! (well, except translate, of course.)

Couldn't take caps coz I haven't downloaded the whole thing yet. (It's HQ, ba~by!) So totally stealing Sarah's cap.

DOWNLOAD HERE. This is, quite possibly, the hardest one I ever worked on. If you think Nakai+Arashi is bad, you should check out Nakai+TOKIO, ESP when it is Nakai telling the stories, instead of the one asking the questions. OMG. They talk aaaaaaaaall over one another....But this was super-funny. And Nakai admitting he's terrified of Arashi amuses me to no end. No wonder he tortures Ohno on the show.

Oh wait. It's Ohno torturing him. Hmm.

I demand Arashi on 5LDK. Now. That'll be, like, the 7th Level of Hell, for a timer but bring it on.

* * * * * * * *

FINALLY watched Twilight.

Two points:

I am glad it was waay better written than the movie.

And nowhere did the line "YOU DAZZLE ME" appear.

Why did Bella look like a vampire?? )

* * * * * * * *

Last Thursday, we had some sort of a seminar-cum-party. It's, like, an Updates seminar for CPAs. Anyway, in the afternoon, there were games and all that, and there's this one game called Pera o Bayong (money or bag) where they ask questions, and groups of people go line up in their answer. Four choices will be given, from A to D, and you go where you think the answer is correct.

I joined.

Luck be my baby. )

* * * * * * * *

I was tagged by [livejournal.com profile] all4cyanide

We should define things properly.... )
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Ran across this article on Yahoo! today. Why Can't James Bond Catch Jason Bourne?

I am of the Pierce-Brosnan-as-Bond generation. Only caught a few Sean Connery-Roger Moore Bond films in between. Couldn't say I cared much. But I am aware of the culture that the franchise stood for. And what it called for. And what it cultivates. A suave spy (who isn't really a spy cause he flaunts who he is, right?) with the swanky tools, unruffle-able hair, no-crease suits, high-tech tools and scantily-clad women. 'Shaken, not stirred' is how he likes it, right?

To say I didn't enjoy the films, though, would be hypocritical of me. These kinds of films, you don't need a high IQ or even exert a lot of effort in thinking just to understand it. Just...go along with the ride. The fact that it objectify women does not even annoy me because COME ON. This is filmmaking, and if it rakes in the money, I can't blame the filmmakers. Hell, if I didn't like it, I'd turn away and not even watch a minute of it. I may not like some parts of it, or some implications of the film, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't enjoy it, right? (And I am one to talk against Bond films objectifying women; aren't I doing the same with my men? *chuckles*)

I saw Quantum of Solace last week and I've been seeing mixed reviews. Some wanted more sex. Some liked it for the minimal sex. Others enjoyed the action. Some thought it wasn't enough. What did I think?

Everything should change with the times. Agree? )

Now on to the other (and better) JB. ...No, not me. But Jason Bourne.

Jason Bourne is one of my favorite characters from a book. While I don't really think much of Robert Ludlum's writing or prose, I think he tells good stories, at least those that grip you. He does espionage better than anyone I've read so far.

I've read Ludlum's Bourne trilogy, and I thought everything should've stopped with The Bourne Ultimatum, the third one. But no, some guy Eric van Lustbader had to pick it up and wrote more Bournes (I've only read his Bourne Legacy. I'm still wondering if I should read his Bourne Sanction and Bourne Betrayal. *sigh* I don't mean to put Lustbader down so low, because I kinda enjoyed his Ninja series, but. I'm just saying Bourne is better left to Ludlum.

Why I prefer Jason over James...or any other spy...OMG. Jack Bauer is JB too!!! )
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(I'm so bloody post-happy this November. Theories as to why? And this is going to be bloody long. And I'm gonna use the same bloody word before this entry ends. You've been bloody warned)

FIRST. Saw the preview for 24 Season 7. HOLY~~!!!! I am sooooo damn glad it's coming back, although Season 6 is my least favorite of the lot. I get to watch another of the longest days in Jack's life.  Seriously. I need a Machiavellian fix from someone other than myself. And Jack Bauer does it better. And a female president, huh. (Well, if you think about it, Obama isn't the first black American President; it's David Palmer. And this new one on 24 isn't the first female President, it's Caroline Reynolds on Prisonbreak, and she's made of 'dame'. Ohgod, I am getting my fandoms mixed up. What next, Jack Bauer rescuing a Japanese couple on a Nevada roadside and they happen to be after a tiara, and Jack would help them retrieve that tiara, using backdoors and even special favors from CTU?

I'm sick. But I'm excited! Yay for tick-tocks!!! (I mean, I read this: "Once more, 24  kicks off the new season with a four-episode explosion over two consecutive nights...') I'm one happy couch potato. It starts Nov 23 in the US, I'll download it on the 26th. It's my bday; not Ohno's.

NEXT: I received this on the email yesterday, and I conclude: I WAS BORN IN THE BLOODY WRONG COUNTRY.


So, how many of you would like to own a vehicle that Jensen has driven?  Unfortunately, Sam and Dean's Chevy is not for sale. ;)  But, JENSEN's 2004 Range Rover is!!
It's not the Impala, but. )


Drama talk.

So I picked up a couple of dramas to watch. Well, more than a couple, but yeah. (Seriously need to get started on Kiva, but that's one series where I opt to download more than a substantial amount and allot an entire weekend for watching. YES.)

Hana Kimi SP...where men in tutus are the funniest thing ever!  )

Seigi no Mikata...where I am glad I am an only child.... )

....Now on to the unfinished ones.

KO-ONE and X-FAMILY...bad idea trying to watch them at the same time...bad, bad, bad.... )
Miss No Good....lots of NGs (no goods)... )
....and an ongoing one.....

Bloody hell...!! It's Bloody good!!!! )


I'm downloading SARS Koizora the series ep5....I miss SARS 'products'. YAY.

And...I swear. I will start EAST OF EDEN. SOON. LIKE, THIS SATURDAY.

Randomly......just recently I watched House Bunny. (Don't ask) My favorite line???

"'Manhole'. I LOVE THAT WORD."


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