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We all hear tales of fated meetings and destined partings,
of tears shed and broken hearts bleeding...
but they fail to see what goes on in between those two events...
which are, really, sweet nothings.
- J

Am I late? Everywhere I look it's HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KAZU-CHAN! Not that I'm complaining. Love overflows. :) And it should.

See? Even he overflows with such love.

I may as well commit suicide now cause....

[TEGOMASSU] Ai Ai Gasa Performance at Shin Domoto Kyoudai show.

Link..... )
Peace. Out.
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I feel like I'm spamming. If I am, forgive me.

I'm really glad I am working on this project.  Although it is quite difficult when in between, I find myself spazzing. Who wouldn't, right? Toma. Nakai. Shingo. Kei-chan. Shota. Tamaki. Nari. And there's Tabe Mikako! Takeuchi Yuko! *phew*

Here's the best part. There're still 2 more to go before the whole thing is done! (Sometimes I could be such a glutton for punishment.)

In between timing the senpai-kouhai rivalry and lucky Nakai-candies, I kept going back timing GnoA 35 and smile as Ohno does the jump, hits something against something then say "IT CHAFED!" (*giggles* I am so shamelss.)

I really ought to take banner-making seriously (oh TIME! Where art thou when thou are needed?!) because these ones I rushed are toooo mediocre. But I got the caps I wanted to use, so I take comfort in that.

The glare, oh, the glare!!!! That is the glare of one who is both pressured, then beaten. *rotfl

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Why create a blog when you're not gonna update it regularly, eh? So basically I started this LJ just to be part of a certain fandom (*hint hint* FOR DREAM....) A completely selfish reason. I might not be posting any subbed works for a while yet, because all the timing I do are STORMY TEAM projects. (You know where to get them. No? Honestly, where on earth have you been? j/k) 

This will be late, and please don't be surprised, because I am not the epitome of punctuality, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Engineer Sakurai Yuckie-Chan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I've made these icons....*thinks back*...a week ago. Yeah. Right after the 3rd episode of Yamada Tarou. Gawd, I could be such a slacker when it hits me. 

Then I swore to myself to be posting 40 icons for now. My RULE OF 40. Anyone read THE RULE OF FOUR by Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason? I have. Ages ago. Attributed to my Dan Brown syndrome. Fantastic read. But I digress.

40 Icons
15 ~ AAA Taipei Con 
10 ~ Yamada Tarou Monogatari Ep1-3         
15 ~ Hanazakari no Kimitachi Ep 1-3

Samples: (more after the cut)


YTM Ep4 subs are already out at the d-addicts page. ( [profile] aatashhas got to be my favorite translator. I mean, REALLY. And how she makes timers' lives easier totally slams, man.....) They're quick, aren't they? I wonder if [profile] aatash even sleeps after the episode is out because her translations are so quick and, more importantly, ON POINT. And there's SUPERGIRL herself. Need I say who she is? 'Course not!

These two dramas are the ones I really really dig lately. Lots of reasons. Nino. Sho. Oguri Shun. Horikita Maki (I love her!!!). Fantastic songs. Ikuta Toma sure's growing on me, too. Ahhh...it's been quite a 'hectic' time lately. Exams...lots of dramas to download and watch...finishing Harry Potter. (YAY! I knew I wasn't wrong to love S - - - -  from the start. Harharhar!)

Till next!
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May 1 tomorrow. Labor Day. A non-working holiday (YAY! Even if we're asked to go on overtime, I still won't! I've grown horns!). Still have tons of video files waiting to be burned. Ah. Arkarna moment yet again.

Sharing Week 14 caps of Asian Treasures. If sources are correct, it'll only run for 20 weeks. That means 6 weeks more of capping. Unless the currency sign rears its ugly head and the Powers That Be decide to extend its run for several more weeks, risking another storytelling train-wreck. Aarrghh! Sometimes advertising sucks.

Last night, there was this feature on the telly about the city where I'm at, and it was quite refreshing to see your hometown seen through a stranger's eyes. I felt slightly giddy and proud. Anyway, the Final Four survivors of Season 4 of the reality-based star search STARSTRUCK were guests, given the task to go to the ukay-ukay (overruns/bargain) shops with only a minimal amount and shop for a certain get-up. It was quite enjoyable watching them haggle with the vendors. After the program was the Videoke Challenge where even MARKY CIELO, the Sole Survivor from Season 3 (for whom I have always had a soft spot for) was also a guest. Too bad he was the first to be given the boot. Oh well. CAPS!

Till next!
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Gawd, how I wish the title was true. LONG BREAK. What bliss if it were real. I guess I was referring more along the lines of 'long break from posting'. Oh, this is bad. I resolved to get back onto the writing scene again and already I am slacking! 

But YAY! for my ever-increasing number of Arashian angels! Just saw a video of an interview with Oh-chan on Zoom-In and watched it with my mouth wide open since I don't understand what they were saying. The whole time, though, I was thinking to myself, "ain't he just soooooo....SO!" Then headed to 

[profile] nyanchanand voila! A translation! Thank youuuu!!!!!

Watch the video at Fluffy0e0's Vox. Download links here.

I get nutty most times and decided to sub it and time it, dispensing with the fact that ONE: I don't speak Nihonggo. TWO: I've never done subbing or timing before (except hardsubbing the soft subs provided by the drama netizens for my personal video collection). I just asked for permission and once it has been granted, I will upload the two-part video which I have converted already into .avi format and subbed SIMPLY. No styling, though. I am a newbie, so there. Lolz.

I skipped a week, sorry. I said I was gonna do this every week, but I missed. My apologies. I was not able to catch the entire run of Asian Treasures for the past two weeks, only some days here and there, but I managed to take caps still. So, more Week 11 and 12 caps of AT after the cut! 



Till next!


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