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How is it, the second week of no new AnS?

Too many lessons learned. I would like to put in everything, but then again, where would be the fun in that? Self-discovery, as they say, is the best teacher. ERGO, REWATCH. LOL.

Can we apply these in our daily lives, I wonder... )
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All caps here stolen from STORMY team sub. Fry me later, luvs. Also from subs I collaborated with various peeps. Again, fry me later. For now, let's pour on the love.

*puts thinking cap on, readjusts glasses, and thinks "nerds aren't all that bad"*

Ready? Let's have a review.

All The Things I Need To Know I Learned in Shukudai-kun... )

AnS has been quite a huge part of my fangirl life. I don't think I'd be into them as much as I am if not for this show. Let me just take a rest before I get started on Part 2. One post ain't enough to cover all the things this show and its awesome awesome awesome staff taught me. I will miss them so. I hope to watch more of their output in the future.

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No, I did not forget.

Do you hear the jingling??? 


Thank you. For everything. I know we don't get in touch as much as we want to, but... THANK YOU. You know I adore you~ I wish I could do more.... *ish helpless*


How can I expect to get something done, with these distractions? Wonderful though they are....

But I admit to trying the pose, just to see who's more flexible. Sho and I probably are both stiff, but I have waaaay better balance. LOL.

A few biased caps... )
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Blue, blue, blue....


Need yet another retreat? :)


- Aki-san!!! GET WELL SOON!!!!!
- Haven't seen HP yet. Maybe this weekend? If this storm relents, that is.
- I just remembered. Who's seen "I Come With The Rain" yet? I'm waiting for it to be released here and IMDB dates it as released on 2008 and I'm like, "Whaaaaa????" KimuTaku, Shawn Yue, Lee Byung-hun, and my still-enduring crush Josh Hartnett (liked him since I saw him on this obscure flick "The Faculty"). I cannot NOT see it!

- So, except for the second, third and fourth line of this post, this entry can be summed up in one word.


Let my shallowness begin.... )
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First things first....


How do you feel? Wiser....? (Older....?)

.... WISER??

(Does the 49 in your username stand for your age? LOL)

And I started Tudors Ep1.

....intense. Very intense. Were the Don Juan de Marco and Casanova films ever THIS "revealing"?

For now..... (i know, i know, Arashi will be on Utaban today. Gah. I can't wait to see more Nakai-Ohno action!) but just so no one would say my life revolves around Arashi...... let's do this.

"DO YOU....MERLIN?" "Yeah, whatever."

These might be spoiler-ish...so are my comments, but I'll try to be vague. EMPHASIS ON "TRY".


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