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How is everybody?

Interrupting your regular programming (read: LJ free of my interference) and MY regular programming (read: stay away from LJ coz I don't want to be scenery-spoiled. It arrived at work over the weekend, yep) to bring you something that almost - ALMOST - broke my heart.

I had a dream last night. This is one JE dream that gave me mixed feelings. And there wasn't even a single JE person in there.

I was staring at a couple of concert tickets. The date on them? August 11.

Let's clear the what what-who-where of the concert first.

Arashi concert.
Madison Square Garden, New York.

You know how it is in dreams.

For some reason, names popped on my head of the people who are going there whom I'm gonna meet up with.

Of course I'm going. I have the tickets, don't I? I think Moriah rang me a while ago to remind me that the concert will be on the 11th.

How could I have forgotten all about it? For some reason, I also knew that those tickets have been with me for months now. And I have two.

Oh, I have to call the other person who owns the other ticket

It's Mommy [livejournal.com profile] jinx143 . XDD

Another warped element of the dream. I was meaning to call her, then all of a sudden, we were talking face to face.

It's in a couple of days already! We haven't even started on booking the flights! And paperwork!! (Being Pinoy has downsides, especially for non-jetsetters like me.)

Do you think we can do it all in time for our Aug 10 flight??

Dude, offices are closed on weekends!!!

Cue: sound of heart and soul breaking. Mine.

A knock. My dad's voice.

Great. Did he come here to gloat?

"Jhing. Wake up."

Shit, shit, shit. WAY TO RUB IT IN, 'ADDEE.

"We have to leave early and we want to have breakfast with you."

Huh? Breakfast? 

....wait. Where'd mommy Jinx go?

I blink.

I'm in my room. Things get clearer.

I have no tickets. There is no concert.. 

My heart is intact.

I NEED A TOTEM. What if I'm still dreaming?

I get up, do a little spin...

....and hit my shin on the corner of my bed.



Maaaaan, I should go slow on my recasting Arashi for Inception. And maybe wait a couple of days before rewatching Memento. *giggles*
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